Material & process mikela jewelry

Traditional and contemporary techniques

My creative language is composed of a combination of traditional and contemporary jewelry techniques, from mokume gane and kumboo to forging and wax modeling.

I like to play with different techniques, sometimes by combining them, sometimes by experimenting with the different creative possibilities that offer each one of them individually.

The geometric shapes, especially the triangle, are recurrent in  many of my designs. I like Geometric jewelry because it adds depth and dimension to elegance. The jewelry is not flat or boring. It’s edgy and powerful. These pieces are very versatile. They adapt to both a daily look and a sophisticated one. By incorporating such geometric shapes as triangles, circles and even three-dimensional designs, these jewelry pieces are able to portray a very unique and abstract appearance.

I draw my inspiration from nature and organic forms, as well as, the universe and the cosmos.

I use the lost wax technique for some pieces, combining Silver or Gold and Gemstones or Pearls in order to create delicate, quirky pieces with a slightly ‘rock’ feel.

Precious and semi Precious stones form an important part of my work as well, especially for the one off pieces, where the stone most often plays the protagonist. For these pieces in particular, I like to choose stones with special cuts or unconventional shapes or even raw stones, in order to celebrate their pure beauty.

My jewels are made in Silver, Gold, Gold-Plated Silver and Black Ruthenium-Plated Silver.

All my pieces are hand fabricated and hand finished by me in my studio, because of this, slight differences can appear in every jewel.

Almost all of my jewels are made to order and take from two to four weeks for completion.

process modeling jewelry

All my pieces are hand fabricated by me

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