michela zanni creator and designer


“Nothing is impossible for those who really wants”

Michela Zanni, the creator and designer of Mikelajewelry, is an italian artist, who lives and work between Barcelona (Spain) and Bologna (Italy).
Raised in a family of artists, travelers and art lovers in general, her environment has always been full of inspiration, thanks to the eclectic taste of her parents to combine contemporary artwork and ethnic crafts in perfect harmony.

As a child, she spent many afternoons in her mother Atelier’s, a self-taught painter and sculptor. That was her favorite place, where she began to explore her imagination, playing with colors and matter.

At the School of Fine Arts in Bologna, Sculpture lessons become her favorites because of the versatility of plastic art to shape an object from a raw material or by assembling different materials.

After Academic Studies in, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, she decides to explore the world in search of inspiration

In New Zealand, she learn to carve the bone according to the Maori tradition, and thanks to this extraordinary experience she gets inspiration to start her own path in the world of Arts.

She then became interested in the art of jewelery making, because she was attracted by the creative possibilities of metal forming and the alchemical process that characterizes goldsmith’s work.

Art, history and nature are great sources of inspiration for its jewels, as well as travel, in fact, has always been fascinated by the different ways of expressing the cultures of the world and, above all, by their way of expressing themselves through art.

An independent jewellery designer/maker with an individual style of hand made jewellery, using Gold, Silver, Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones, dedicating her time to soldering, fabricating, and designing in order to give each piece, a unique and eternal value.




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